5 Benefits of working with an Interior Designer

Following on from our first episode in the Designer Talk series, When is the right time to hire an Interior Designer? In this week's episode, we address some of the misconceptions around Interior Designers and share our top 5 benefits of working with an Interior Designer.

Having worked as an Interior Designer for 8 years now and owning an Interior practice for almost 4 of those I have definitely come up against some interesting views and stances on our job role, sadly the worst opinions provided by some of our biggest named clients and those you expect it least from.

According to Mymove.com the 10 most common misconceptions of an Interior Designer is:

1 | Interior Design is a mostly female profession.

2 | Designers just play with fabric swatches.

3 | Designers are unaffordable.

4 | Interior Designers are rigid and uptight.

5 | Interior Designers are omniscient.

6 | Designers' homes are stage perfect.

7 | I can do it myself, why would I hire?

8 | They won't reflect my taste.

9 | My modest home is not worthy of design

10 | An Interior Designer won't give me a livable space.

Not only do we L O V E what we do but we know what the value of working with a professional brings to your home or business so that being said we wanted to share 5 benefits of working with an Interior Designer to hopefully dismiss some of those crazy misconceptions.

1 | We are trained professionals

Interior Designers study at degree level for 3 years before entering the profession and require a degree and a minimum of 6 years of industry experience working in a design role to become an accredited designer.

We are trained in all areas from building regulations, lighting design, history of design, colour theory, space planning, ergonomics the list goes on and in 99.9% of cases picking fabrics, as most assume, is last on the list.

It doesn't just stop there though, we regularly attend training sessions with suppliers or manufacturers to ensure we have the most up to date technical knowledge, visit design shows near and far to see the latest trends and source the best products and have a million subscriptions to Interior and Architecture magazines to make sure we are ahead of the curve.

2 | Industry Knowledge

Working with suppliers and manufacturers daily we build a great professional relationship with them, this allows us to be up to date with the latest products, trends, and information required to design and deliver interiors that are technically sound but most suited to your lifestyle and requirements.

For example, when designing a bathroom we consider slip resistance values for tiles or lumen ratings on bulbs to deliver the right amount of light in different areas. This is the knowledge we consider and use at every step as a professional.

3 | Working to a schedule & budget

The most important of them all, working with you and contractors to deliver the project on time and in budget.

Through careful preparation and planning, we manage the entire process to ensure that items are current and ordered correctly, have regular communication with suppliers and manufacturers to make sure everything is delivered on time, to the right place, and are quality checked on arrival.

We work with contractors to provide them with the correct technical information to allow them to install bespoke details such as joinery, electrics, and plumbing.

Throughout the installation stage of a project, we carry out regular site visits to check on progress and quality and to manage any issues that may arise.

This hands-on approach means that we can work to the timescales and budget of a project with a realistic approach. Problems = delays, delays = money!

4 | Getting it right

We don't just throw something together overnight, as professionals, we work with you to create a space and scheme that works for you not only now but in the future. We pride ourselves on the relationships we build with our clients and consider them at every stage of the project.

Using industry-leading software such as AutoCAD, Sketch-up, and 3D Studio Max we visualise your project in both 2D and 3D form allowing us to make sure everything fits to the millimetre. It is also a key method to help you make those crucial decisions before implementing them in real life saving you time and money.

Working closely with you enables us to consider various colours, fabrics, furniture, and lighting through samples and scheming to ensure the perfect fit.

5 | Saving you money

Having trade accounts with the leading suppliers and brands allows us to make savings on the products and materials you require for your project. Those savings are passed to you as our client, a great example of this was for a recent residential project, the client had found a chandelier light fitting through an online retailer priced at £1727.00, through our product sourcing we priced the same fitting at £876.75, a saving of £850.25 which in turn was passed to the client. This is just one example but we see savings like this across most of our projects, it is our role to source the correct products, finishes, and quantities at the best prices.

Hopefully, that sheds some light on the fantastic benefits of working with an Interior Designer and provides some clarity on what we will bring to your project. It is great to speak and educate people on what our job actually entails and the amount of sheer hard work that is required to successfully deliver an Interior project. I am not calling us saints but I don't think we are far off!

If you are considering working with an Interior Designer, feel free to have a look over our services or get in touch where our friendly team would be more than happy to answer any questions you may have.

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