understanding the emotional rollercoaster

Our insightful Designer Talk series continues with episode three, Understanding the emotional rollercoaster.

The subject of an Interior emotional rollercoaster may sound to some a bit off the cuff or random however when creating the Designer Talk series our aim was to bring you insightful and informative content that added value to your project, gave you a better understanding of what working with an Interior Designer is like or at the very least provided a tool for us to refer clients towards as a way to help them get the most from our services.

When planning the series, the conversation on the emotions of an Interior project kept coming up, something as designers working with a client we have all experienced in one way or another. We soon realised that no matter what the project size or who the client was, the one constant is the emotion it creates.

Embarking on an Interior project for some maybe a new adventure or for other's common practice, either way, it is certainly a benefit to understand and prepare for the emotions you will no doubt experience...Introducing you to the Interior Emotional Rollercoaster (round of applause)

Interior Design is a big and very worthwhile investment and despite

the traditional thinking that using an Interior Designer is a luxury and a service reserved for the elite, we at Studio Alma believe that good Interior Design should be accessible for all despite your budget or size of the project. Whether you have £360 to spend on an E-Design room makeover or £1,000,000 for a self-build dream home the apprehension, worry, nerves, and excitement all remain and we are here to tell you that everything you are feeling is completely and perfectly normal!

Your home is the biggest purchase you will probably make in your lifetime and it's exciting to know what possibilities you can create. Let us reassure you that as designers, we know that you want it to be just right, for the process to go smoothly and to endure as little stress as possible, that is why we are so hands-on in the journey.

No matter how much we plan, strategize, and prepare there are some emotions for you as a client that you will naturally experience...

EXCITEMENT at the potential your home has, the possibilities you can create, or of working with an Interior Designer.

ANTICIPATION when the project begins, have you done the right thing? Have you made the right decisions? What if we've missed something?

DELIGHT when you see designs for the first time or you pick finishes and furniture.

APPREHENSION when construction begins or the sight of old furniture being removed from your home.

ANXIOUS to make the right decisions, when time is passing but there doesn't look like there is much progress. If it was worth the time and money?  

DISAPPOINTMENT if the project is delayed, fixtures arrive damaged or it doesn't look like you thought it would?

ELATION when its all done and you see the designs and hard work come together.

RELIEF that you can finally enjoy your new space and your home no longer has contractors walking through on a daily basis.

Your home is a personal and private space which now more than ever is so important to have but because of this it sometimes means a designer's job is not easy. As we work so closely with you, we bear the brunt of most of these emotional ups and downs and sometimes have to step up as a friend, therapist, psychologist, and manager. There have been occasions visiting a site that clients have screamed and shouted at us for something one of their contractors has done incorrectly or because an item has arrived damaged, it can be tough and disheartening.

Communication and trust are the two most important things you should have in your relationship with an Interior Designer, if any of the emotions above sound familiar then take a second to be open and honest with them, explain the way you are feeling, ask them to explain the process or journey you are about to embark on and provide you with that reassurance.

We are all human, we all make mistakes and all react in different ways. Remember, you are working with a professional that has invested weeks even months of their time, energy, and creative passion into creating your dream home.

No doubt over this period, they have fallen in love with it just as much as you did, they strive for it to be perfect and are just as invested as you are.

So remember, the Interior emotional rollercoaster is totally normal, we as designers are here to guide and support you through every twist and turn and then at the end, help you step into your beautifully finished home.

Studio Alma x

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