When is the right time to hire an interior designer?

Are you planning a renovation or self build? Making some small alterations to the layout of your home? Have you thought about using an Interior Designer but you're not sure when to get in touch with them or even if they would be worth the cost?

Then you are in the right place!

As part of our new Journal series 'Designer Talk' we will be bringing you all the professional hints, tips, and tricks direct from our Interior Studio.

The first in our series is an important one and a great topic to kickstart us.

'' When is the best time to hire an Interior Designer? ''

The most common sentence we hear when we speak with new enquiries is

'We are building a house and were just enquiring about your services'

Now to most that might sound normal, you might be asking yourself ''what's the problem with that?'' but for an Interior Designer when we hear this simple phrase our hearts sink a little (Who's kidding, alot!)

Why? In 99% of these cases, 'We are building a house' means you have already designed the house and are halfway through the build process' and are now starting to think seriously about what is going into the shell.

The perfect and dare we say critical time to start speaking with a professional Interior Designer is right at the beginning! Projects have changed over the years and the Interior Designer plays one of, if not the most important roles in your self-build or renovation journey ... FACT!

3 Reasons why you should hire an Interior Designer at the start of your project:

1 | We are the bread for your butter.

We work closely with architects and contractors every single day, we are a professional service that ensures that your project not only looks beautiful but is functional for you now and in the future.

Our role among many is to assess and evaluate the wall position your Architect has suggested ensuring we maximise your walk-in wardrobe space for that shoe collection, instruct plumbers where to fit the pipework in your family bathroom so you can have that freestanding bath perfectly centre of the room and direct electricians to fit the socket at the exact height in your living room to mount your TV on the wall, not too high and not too low.

To give you a great example, imagine spending time and money plastering your walls only to be told by your newly appointed Interior Designer that the wiring has been placed in the wrong wall or in fact no walls at all, to accommodate your brand new very beautiful but very expensive wall lights.

You have a tough choice:

Do you

A | Sacrifice and think O well, I will have to just do without and regret it for years to come because let's face it, those lights really are BEAUTIFUL!

or do you

B | Pull your freshly painted walls apart only to have to replaster and redecorate a few days later at an additional cost.

Interior Designers are critical to creating a home that is functional, practical, and works for you and we simply can't show you and your home the magic we create if we are a midway (or sometimes last-minute) thought.

2 | We do much more than pick pretty wallpaper.

There is a preconceived notion that Interior Designers only pick pretty wallpaper and cushions that look good (We do!) but what our day to day workload actually consists of is space planning, electrical layouts, lighting designs, the list goes on.

We are educated, skilled, and professional to provide you with a detailed and well-executed service that is required when taking on a big project such as building your own home.

We are the architect, the plumber, electrician, and tile specialist all rolled into one.

3 | Beautiful homes don't just happen by chance.

Planning, developing, and executing an Interior scheme doesn't just happen by chance and certainly not overnight. As professionals, we spend time not only getting to know you as our client, your requirements, and lifestyle but invest dedicated time sourcing the perfect fabrics, speaking with suppliers to ensure you are getting the best price and visiting manufacturers to hear about the latest products that make your dream home a reality.

In some cases, we can be working on self-build projects for over 12 months, ensuring that each wire, pipe, cabinet, and bespoke detail is correct, your furniture arrives on time and everything from flooring to door handles, blinds to shower valves are installed exactly how you and we envisaged.

We get asked a lot if you could give one piece of advice to your clients what would it be and this is it ...

If you are in the thinking stage of building a home or renovating a space, NOW is the time to contact an Interior Designer.

You will thank yourself later, we promise!

Planning a renovation or self-build project, check out our range of services, or speak with our experienced team to see how we can deliver your dream.

Studio Alma x

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