Our product sourcing service allows you to work with our experienced team of designers to source the right products at the best price. Each of our packages provides you with access to our extensive range of suppliers and exclusive trade discounts.

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Our brand new product sourcing service is designed for those that struggle to find the missing pieces for their home, maybe have limited free time to search for furniture, or simply want to ensure they are getting the best price possible for their selected furniture, home accessories and lighting.

Choose from a number of packages created to suit your requirements whether that be sourcing a single item of furniture or a collection of furniture, lighting, and wallpaper for a room.

As an Interior Studio, we work with an extensive range of suppliers and manufacturers providing high-quality pieces.

 The team at Studio Alma were fantastic and very efficient, through their network of suppliers they were able to source the exact chandelier we had been looking for. As we were able to access their trade discounts we knew that we were getting the best possible price for it.

This was proved when a few weeks later I found the same chandelier online for £1985.00. By using the product sourcing service we saved £843.44!